What I Love About Jordan…

What I Love About Jordan…

As a Middle Eastern woman, you’d think I wouldn’t be fascinated by a destination such as Jordan, because we have several similarities such as language, habits, some dishes… Nevertheless, it is a country that still preserves very typical natural and cultural assets found nowhere else in the world or the Arabic region.

I took a road trip to the Kingdom of the Hashemite 13 years ago, in my childhood, with family and friends. I can still recall the magnificent wonders of Petra, the Dead Sea floating experience, the emblematic pilgrimage locations and the fancy luxurious hotels and services offered. Back in the days, it was very safe to cross the borders and reach Amman within 6 hours only.

I had no expectations for my second trip at first, and yet, it turned out to be as adventurous and surprising as the first one. Even returning to the sites I had previously visited did not bore me at all. In fact, I lived unexpected experiences and got to discover them from a whole different perspective.

What I love about Jordan… is the magical Wadi Rum that will leave you in awe at any time of the day. The expedition in itself is exciting, from the sunrise colors reflecting on the sandstones to the cultural exchange with the Bedouins, the sunset ride on 4×4 mini trucks through the Wadi’s landmarks and the night spent around a traditional campfire gazing at a one of the most beautiful starlit skies you’ll ever see!

What I love about Jordan… is the fact that you don’t get to see a carved city as majestic and culturally precious as Petra anywhere else in the world! First, the complex is so big you’ll need more than a day to discover it all. Therefore, even if I had already visited this place before, the second time was even more special, because I discovered a different trail with a different group of people and had the chance to witness Petra by Night, an experience I missed the first time I visited. This event involves walking through an entire Canyon pathway lit up with thousands of candles leading to the main treasury where you will be left speechless by an enchanting atmosphere in front of the spectacular attraction.

What I love about Jordan… is how it developed its ecotourism market offering a wide range of adventure activities and hiking trails in its various natural reserves. You can explore the spectacular Wadi Mujib, lowest nature reserve on EARTH, by hiking or canyoning through its breathtaking cliffs and hidden river-filled gorges, or rappelling, jumping and sliding down its numerous waterfalls! You can also trek through the Dana Biosphere Reserve, famous for its rich and endangered biodiversity of wild fauna and flora.

What I love about Jordan… is the fact that even if you are not very fond of beauty cures and spas, you will still be thrilled by the unique Dead Sea experience. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars in the spas to enjoy some of the best mineral treatments and cover your body with the magical mud found on the shores of the sea! My skin was so smooth I literally felt like a baby! Unfortunately, the best shores are not accessible for free, you need to enter one of the existing resorts to be able to enjoy them.

And finally, what I love about Jordan is its Middle Eastern hospitality. These people truly know how to make you feel at home in their own country. In the mass tourism sector, this asset has become really hard to find. I hope they won’t be dragged into this trend and lose their sense of warm and generous welcoming one day.

Jordan is a country that has a lot to offer for all kinds of tastes and ages. It preserves some of the most important pilgrimage sites such as The Baptism site, Mount Nebo and Madaba. It is also undoubtedly a haven for culture and history lovers, or even avid adventurers and nature seekers.

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