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$1200 / per person
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Join us on this solidarity driven journey of exploration, connection, and positive impact in northern Bekaa in Lebanon.

Immerse yourself in the village of Qaa, where you’ll volunteer with the QHRP Qaa Heritage Revival Project and HEP Heritage Education Program in collaboration with HIMAM NGO.  Together, we’ll restore heritage homes, foster eco-tourism, and preserve traditional techniques, revitalizing the community for a sustainable future.

We prioritize safety, with measures in place for emergencies, and community conflicts, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for all.


Maximum Capacity: 15 persons

All areas and towns visited: Baalbek, Qaa, Deir el Ahmar, Fekha, Ras Baalbek, Hermel



  • Hands on Volunteering in the revival and restoration of traditional mudbrick homes.
  • Discovering the region of north Bekaa
  • Staying at local homestays and engaging in local community livelihoods
  • All meals included and provided by local families and hosts

Number of days: 7 Days/6 Nights



Dates : 14 to 21 September 2024



  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    14 September 2024
  • Return Time
    21 September 2024
  • Included
    Upcoming Small Group Trips
  • Not Included
    Private Customized Lebanon Trips

Tour Plan


Day 1: Beirut – Baalbek – Al Qaa

  • Morning Airport arrival. Pick up, Assistance and Meet up by Pia ABBOUD the tour leader.
  • Drive straight to Baalbek with Street food lunch and sweets in the souks of Baalbek
  • Visit the great archeological site with panoramic view of the city.
  • Proceed to Al Qaa, arrival and rest with luggage drop off.
  • Welcome Dinner hosted at Al Kaa Country lodge, gathering and meet up with all the team and hosting community.
Meals Included: Lunch + Dinner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa

Day 2: Al Qaa

  • Tannour Bread and local produce Breakfast.
  • Visit of some of the vulnerable heritage homes of Qaa and Introduction to the building techniques.
  • Building Mud-Bricks in collaboration with local workers and the team for half day. (Pic nic lunch provided).
    • Afternoon visit of Rock Carved Church of Saint Therese then Sunset and dinner snacks at the highest cross of Al Qaa with panoramic view.
  • Dinner at local homestay.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa

Day 3: Al Qaa

  • Breakfast at homestay.
  • Mud Brick work and construction with the community and team for half day. (Pic nic lunch provided).
  • Mouneh Making tutorials (Makdous, Jams, Tomato paste…) and dinner cooking session with local community
  • Dinner prepared and served at local family home in Al Qaa.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch + Diner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa

Day 4: Al Qaa

  • Breakfast at homestay.
  • Mud Brick work and construction with the community and team for half day. (Pic nic lunch provided).
  • Free afternoon for resting time.
  • Dinner prepared and served at local family home in Al Qaa.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch + Diner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa

Day 5: Al Qaa – Deir el Ahmar

  • Breakfast at homestay.
  • Mud Brick work and construction with the community and team for half day. (Pic nic lunch provided).
  • Visit of Deir El Ahmar landmarks and wine tasting at local winery.
  • Dinner in Deir el Ahmar prepared by the WADA foundation.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch + Diner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa  

Day 6: Al Qaa – Fekha – Ras Baalbek

  • Breakfast at homestay.
  • Mud Brick work and construction with the community and team for half day. (Pic nic lunch provided).
  • Visit Oum Omar one of the few whool carpet weavers remaining in the country and a beautiful home in Fekha, visit the village a Luthier/Oud instrument maker  in Deir el Ahmar.
  • Diner at family homestay.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch + Diner
Sleeping arrangements: Family homestays in Al Qaa

Day 7 : Al Qaa – Hermel - Beirut

  • Goodbye Breakfast at the Tannour café heritage home.
  • Visit Kamouah Hermel.
  • Rafting trip at the Aassi river with lunch.
  • Transfer to Beirut through the Dennieh scenic road.
Meals Included: Breakfast + Lunch


This is a 100% carbon free emission trip. Within this trip fee each participant is donating an amount equal to your flights CO2 emissions to plant a local fruit tree in Al Qaa.

Local Community:

The travelers will be volunteering with the QHRP Qaa Heritage Revival Project & HEP Heritage Education Program in collaboration with HIMAM NGO, in the village of Qaa located in northern Bekaa Region. The participants will be joining the local community in al Qaa, a town situated in the northern most point of the Bekaa region of Lebanon on the borders to Syria. The village is in the centre of a 180 km2 flat dry rural landscape, bordered by Ras Baalbeck to the south, Anti-Lebanon mountain range to the east, and the Hermel range to the west. Its climate is semi-arid, with 4,000 inhabitants living there permanently, 10,000 visiting temporary residents and an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees. Its economy relies on agricultural produce. Mudbrick earthen architecture has been used for millennia in Lebanon’s Beqaa valley; it is a climate-resilient architectural model, yet culturally fragile and endangered. The village of el-Qaa, has entire quarters of intact mudbrick dwellings. Main Issues, Needs, and Goals: El-Qaa faces pressing challenges. The civil war in 1975 disrupted its water supply, triggering emigration and depopulation by up to 80%. Heritage protection policies are inadequate, leading to the neglect and transformation of historic mudbrick houses. The region grapples with a severe water crisis due to low rainfall, intensified weather patterns, and over-pumping, exacerbated by economic woes. The influx of refugees strains resources and accelerates degradation. To address these issues, El-Qaa needs sustainable development. The El-Qaa Heritage Restoration Project (QHRP) aims to reverse depopulation by restoring dwellings, fostering eco- and agro-tourism, and preserving traditional techniques. The goal is to protect cultural heritage, create economic opportunities, and mitigate the effects of climate change, revitalizing El-Qaa for a sustainable future.

Community Service:

Volunteers will play a vital role in the restoration and construction of one of El-Qaa's cherished heritage homes. Each day, they will dedicate five hours of their time, working side by side with skilled workers who possess invaluable expertise. In addition to their invaluable hands-on contributions, each volunteer will also make a financial contribution of $200 as part of their trip fees. This generous donation from our volunteers is a crucial pillar of support for the project, ensuring its smooth operation and long-term success. These funds will be instrumental in covering various project expenses, such as materials, tools, and resources required for the rehabilitation and construction work. This combined effort, where volunteers both dedicate their time and provide financial support, underscores the commitment to making the project not only successful but also sustainable. To ensure a smooth and enriching experience, members of the QHRP project and the HIMAM NGO will be personally involved, acting as moderators and facilitators during these exchanges. It's worth noting that all of these individuals are fluent English speakers. Moreover, the presence of our distinguished tour leader and heritage management expert, Pia Abboud, will be a constant source of guidance and inspiration throughout the project. Together with the dedicated project members, Pia Abboud will ensure that the volunteers' contributions are both meaningful and impactful.


  • 1200$/Person

Rate Includes:

  • Professional 24/7 ASSISTANCE of Pia ABBOUD: Tour Operator, Travel Expert and Heritage management specialist. 
  • 200$/Person donation to the Himam NGO and QHRP program
  • Full 7 days TOURS, ACTIVITIES & VISITS & site ENTRENCES. (referring to the program)
  • All Airport PICK UPS and TRANSFERS. 
  • Private TRANSPORTATION with all fuel expenses throughout all the journey according to the program. 
  • 7 Nights ACCOMODATION at a Homestay in Qaa.
  • MEALS: 6 Breakfasts +  7 Lunches + 6 Dinners
  • Local team and guides for the volunteer activities and visits

Rate Excludes:

  • International Flights
  • Optional Travel Insurance covering daily activities and tours (Ask for the price depending on the option you choose)
  • Any Alcoholic drinks during all mentioned meals
  • Laundry service
  • Personal expenses and souvenirs.
  • Any other Item not included under “RATE INCLUDES”
  • PCR tests if needed

What valuable learning outcomes do travelers gain from this experiential trip? How does it enrich their educational journey?

Cultural Immersion and Understanding: Travelers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture of Qaa. They can learn about the traditions, customs, and way of life of the local community. This cultural immersion can provide a deep understanding of a different culture and way of life, promoting cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication skills.   Historical Preservation and Heritage Conservation: Volunteering in the restoration and construction of heritage homes allows travelers to actively participate in preserving historical buildings and traditional architectural techniques. This hands-on experience can deepen their appreciation for history, architecture, and the importance of heritage conservation. It also offers practical skills related to restoration and construction.   Hands-On Skills and Knowledge: Through their involvement in the restoration and construction work, travelers can acquire practical skills related to heritage preservation, construction, and craftsmanship. These skills can be applied in various contexts and may even inspire future career paths.  

What specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will the travelers be working with during the trip? How does the project contribute to addressing these goals?

  SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities: By working to revitalize the village of Qaa and reverse depopulation through heritage restoration and the promotion of eco- and agro-tourism. By preserving traditional techniques and revitalizing the community, the project aims to create a sustainable, thriving local community.   SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: Fostering innovation in heritage preservation and infrastructure development. This aligns with the goal of promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and infrastructure.   SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production: Through the restoration of heritage homes and the use of traditional techniques, the project promotes sustainable and responsible consumption and production practices. It emphasizes the importance of preserving cultural heritage while minimizing environmental impact.  

How are risks managed (for example, insects bites, getting hurt while using a tool, very hot/cold weather, breaking something, conflict between students and the local community…) and measures you plan to mitigate the risks.

Depending on the risk faced each will be treated accordingly. Knowing our experience and flexibility in working in risky situations in Lebanon all risks are taken into consideration knowing that:  
  • In Lebanon there are no insect bites that are venomous like African or south American countries. In general insect bites in Lebanon can be either simple mosquito (like the ones in Europe) or minor insects. In case by any chance one of the students was a bit more sensible and a mosquito bite inflated he will be directly escorted to Emergency hospital by the tour leader no matter the time or place. Same for another medical emergency like getting hurt by using a tool, or any injury that may occur. 
NB: Each student must have travel medical insurance that covers the trip and activities in Lebanon. If you wish to purchase it from us it is also possible to provide through local insurance partners. I can send you prices and options if you wish.
  • About the weather by choosing this specific proposal as advised it is best to come in spring or autumn. In that case the transportation will be fully equipped for any weather situation with functioning Air condition. As for the Accommodation and activities, In case of extreme heat, fans will be provided in rooms. In case you will choose to come during winter times or colder seasons. Heating and extra blankets are guaranteed in the accommodation too.
In addition 1 month prior to the trip date I will send you a full list of WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE COMING that will include essentials to provide in the suitcase and recommendations on what to wear and bring that will be suitable for the weather. About the fieldworks and activities in case it is too hot or cold during a  day to do the work. We are very flexible in changing the day program at last minute and proposing something more convenient.
  • About breaking something for example. In that case it really depends on the value of what they break. But in general whatever they break they should pay for its fixing or its price in order for what is broken to be replaces.
  • In case of conflict between students and local community, Pia Abboud the tour operator and the local community in charge will be there to make sure this does not happen. As the team is highly experienced in youth activities and team building and knows the community closely, working with them on a daily basis to make sure this is not a risk.

Registration policy:

  • The trip dates and number of participants shall be confirmed at least 45 days before arrival in order to coordinate logistics on site.
  • Registration will not be taken into consideration or confirmed unless you pay at least 50% DEPOSIT out of the total amount.
  • The remaining shall be transfered 1 month prior to the trip date 
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the departure date.

Cancellation policy:

  • In case of any local dangerous disruption in Lebanon or airport closures related to COVID measures the trip will be postponed to a later date or you can choose to cash back all the amount paid.
  In other normal cases:  
  • IF you cancel your reservation, 2 months before your scheduled arrival date, The full amount you paid will be refunded, minus the bank charges.
  • IF cancellation occurs one month before your scheduled trip date,  Half of the amount you paid will be refunded. (Subject to case by case)
  • IF cancellation occurs Starting and less than 15 Days before your scheduled arrival dates  the full amount will be unrefunded. (Subject to case by case)
  NB:    *Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur.    For more Information and Registration:   Email: info@discoverybeyondborders.com Calls, SMSs and WhatsApp: +33 6 68 27 22 16 OR +961 3 00 76 86 Facebook: Discovery Beyond Borders Instagram: discoverybeyondborders 
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