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Loving Lebanon: Local resilience, Christmas celebrations & Culinary traditions

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Loving Lebanon: Local resilience, Christmas celebrations & Culinary traditions

Loving Lebanon means praising the accomplishments and supporting local initiatives.  What greater achievement other than celebrating the inclusion of the Lebanese Mankoucheh on the UNESCO world intangible heritage list! Mankoucheh is known to be one of the symbols of our local culinary heritage and is now finally recognized internationally!

Moreover, amid the challenging times, Lebanese small business owners show once again their resilience and persistence in their daily lives. Witnessing them in south Lebanon harvesting olives and producing olive oil even when their homes are at great risk and danger is truly admirable. They strive to safeguard their culinary traditions by crafting Mouneh (Traditional Method preserving seasonal harvests and ensuring sustenance for months ahead)  to feed their families and create income and their tenacity is inspiring and deserving of support, notably through the purchase of their Mouneh.

Lebanese people are best known as lovers of life, generosity, and hospitality and amidst hard times, still find ways to express their positivity and love to each other. With Christmas approaching, communities across Lebanon unite to spread hope and support local businesses throughout Christmas markets and festivities. These events feature  beautiful Chrtismas decorations, small business products, food stalls, handcrafts, and music festivals. The greatest idea reflected is supporting local communities, and spreading hope. 

Here are a few examples for inspiration.

1. La Campagne en Ville Christmas Market in Antelias

Open every week of December until the 23rd of December, from Thursday to Sunday from 2 pm till 10 pm. This Market created by Made By Nature is supporting local initiatives selling and promoting the Lebanese terroir with lots of live cooking sessions and activities for all ages!

2. Batroun Christmas Market

This Christmas market is open during the month of December, and even during the first week of January. This initiative organized by local stakeholders in the city of Batroun reflects its community the most. It promotes local products, handcrafts, and art from the area. And what is captivating, is the attention that they have given to kids and their happiness. They feature kids’ activities, music festivals, and cultural events. This event is free of charge.

3. Byblos Christmas Market

From 8 to 18th December, the Byblos Christmas Market is open to the public starting at 4 pm, on the Byblos Roman road. This market shows exhibitions on different local arts, Mouneh -Local traditional Lebanese food- and different handcrafts. It features four hours of entertainment for both adults and children, with free entrance for kids under 10 years old. 

4. Christmas in Action Event

This initiative at Forum De Beirut, organised by both Souk el Akel and In Actions events, starting December 17 till the 23th, reflects local talents from all Lebanon, featuring events, music festivals, and unique stalls. There is an entrance fee of 200 000 LBP except children under 10, and all live events are free of charge. Seeing their positive spirit is very inspiring, and encourages all of us to pay a visit.

5. Souk El Eid

Open everyday from December 16th till December 22, this christmas market located in Mar Mikhael is a collaboration between Souk El Tayeb and Le Marché aux Puces which means great vintage ideas for your gifts; handcrafts, antiques, artisan products and so much more!
Loving Lebanon and celebrating Christmas, means actively participating in the spirit and supporting the local initiatives. Despite all pressures nowadays, it is our utmost responsibility to contribute in helping each other.

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